Holiday childcare cost increase ‘locking parents out of workplace’

Many Batley and Spen parents will struggle to meet childcare costs over the summer holidays as the latest figures reveal holiday childcare is getting more expensive.

Childcare is now costing parents across Yorkshire and Humber an average of £130 a week- a five per cent increase in a single year.

The rise highlights the serious challenge holidays pose to parents who continue to grapple with the difficult decision over whether it is cost effective to work after having children.

Only 47 per cent of councils in Yorkshire and Humber say they have sufficient childcare in all areas for parents working full time. The challenge for parents of disabled children is even worse, with only 27 per cent of councils having sufficient provision.

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Early Years Tracy Brabin MP, commenting on the Family and Childcare Trust’s Holiday Childcare Survey 2018 findings, said:

“It is clear that this Tory Government is failing to deliver affordable childcare for families across our region.

“This is a problem across the country, yet Ministers are doing absolutely nothing to tackle it.

“The Government’s failure to provide free, high-quality childcare to those who need it will leave many parents locked out of the workplace.”

Some parents find themselves having to save all their annual leave to cover the school holidays between them, leaving no time together as a family.

Jude McKaig, an NHS mental health nurse from Gomersal, said: “My partner and I would seriously struggle to find and pay for childcare for all three of our children.

“They are different ages and have different needs so consequently we share the school holidays between us.

“We are lucky enough to be able to cover the summer between us, but the result is that we have absolutely no time off together as a full family.”

The next Labour Government will provide universal, high quality, affordable childcare for every family, including 30 hours of free childcare a week for every 2 to 4 year old.



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