MP ‘moved & humbled’ by heartfelt support for NHS

Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin was “moved and humbled” by the heartfelt messages of support members of public left for the NHS as she took to the streets of Cleckheaton to celebrate the NHS’ 70th birthday.

Ms Brabin was joined by local activists and the GMB Union on Saturday morning to gather signatures on two huge birthday cards, which will be given to hardworking staff at Dewsbury and District and Pinderfields hospitals to show just how much their work is valued.

The town was a hive of activity as the Cleckheaton Folk Festival got underway and passers-by were more than happy to lend their support and leave a thank you message to the hardworking staff who dedicate their lives to helping others.

Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin said: “The reception we had was absolutely phenomenal and everyone who signed the card had a story of how important the NHS is to them.

“A couple told me of how the NHS saved their baby granddaughter’s life, another told me of an astonishing eight year battle with cancer.

“And if it wasn’t for a new hip courtesy of the NHS, a woman I met would not have been able to wander freely around town to enjoy the beautiful summer’s day.

“The humbling and often moving stories ranged from small kindnesses to intricate life-saving operations, and everything in-between.

“And the vast majority of stories had one thing in common – they would never have happened without our NHS.

“This is why it’s vital that we fight to protect our country’s most important institution from a Tory Government which seeks to cut, downgrade and privatise.”

Desiree Wilburn, Senior Organiser, GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region, said: “The show of support from the general public across the country and in Batley & Spen on Saturday, as a part of the NHS 70th Birthday celebrations has been phenomenal.

“The NHS continues to be a national treasure which the public will fight to save. The Tory government is all over the place on NHS funding and the recent announcement of extra funding is an obvious desperate gesture, which won’t bring NHS funding anywhere near where it should have been without the years of Tory cuts that have starved the health service.”

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