Tracy Brabin MP delighted with Fox’s Biscuit’s plans to create 74 full-time jobs

Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin was delighted to learn that Fox’s Biscuits, a huge local employer that has been based in Batley for generations, is creating 74 full-time jobs to bolster its permanent workforce.

Ms Brabin, who worked at the iconic Batley factory as a teenager, was encouraged to hear that the firm are creating new roles for local people amid growing demand for their products.

Fox’s has 700 full-time, permanent employees and, including temporary workers, its workforce can swell to 1,300 during times of peak demand, such as in the run up to Christmas.

The Batley biscuit giant produces an average of 550 tonnes of biscuits a week and has a big involvement in the local community, with both the Batley Bulldog’s stadium and strips bearing the firm’s name.

Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin said after a visit to the factory last week: “I am thrilled to hear that a fantastic local business that is so committed to the community is continuing to thrive at a time of great economic uncertainty.

“I was also very encouraged to hear about the firm’s dedication to training and upskilling their staff – something that is vital with the increased automation of industry we will see over the coming years.

“Fox’s Biscuits is an extremely important business here in Batley and I look back fondly on my time on the production lines in my late teens. I hope the business continues to thrive and remains an integral part of the Batley landscape for decades to come.”

Fox’s are in ongoing discussions with existing employees and the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union about proposed changes to current shift patterns to accommodate the new jobs.

Stephen Mulligan, Fox’s Biscuits general manager said: “We are really pleased to announce these new roles. Fox’s Biscuits are very proud of our heritage in Batley and to be able to play such a key part in the local community.

“We’re delighted by the continued support Tracy gives to Fox’s Biscuits and we will continue to grow this relationship.”

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