Tracy Brabin MP tackles government over police cuts.

In the House of Commons, Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin tackled ministers from the Home Office over funding levels of police. Quoting Sarah Thornton, the most senior police chief in Britain, she said, “With officer numbers at 1985 levels, crime up 10 per cent in the last year and police work becoming ever more complex, this additional pressure is not sustainable. The current flat cash settlement for forces announced in 2015 is no longer enough.” And challenged to tell the Commons “which part does the Minister disagree with?”

Home Office Minister Nick Hurd notably didn’t answer the question directly, instead he said, “We do recognise that demand on the police is changing. We are absolutely determined to make sure that the police have the resources they need to do the job properly. While continuing to support and challenge them.”

The question came as West Yorkshire Police has lost over 1,000 police officers since 2010.

Commenting afterwards, Tracy Brabin MP said, “The levels of police funding is simply unacceptable. There are now 493 West Yorkshire residents per police office.

Demand is going up as there are fewer police officers on our streets, this is clearly unsustainable.

It’s time for the Conservatives to stop letting down our communities and hardworking police officers, by increasing police funding so they can do their job to keep us safe effectively.”

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