Tracy Brabin Calls on Jeremy Hunt to Support local NHS services, as 25% of people in North Kirklees Unable to Access a GP Appointment Within a Week

Batley & Spen MP Tracy Brabin has called on Jeremy Hunt to step up and invest in access to General Practice in North Kirklees.

New figures released by NHS England reveal that 25% of people in North Kirklees wait a week or more to speak to a GP or Nurse, or are unable to get an appointment. In fact, 14% are unable to access an appointment at all.

Of those who could not access a convenient appointment, 1.6% turned to A&E. That’s around 3,121 people.

Meanwhile, 21% were only able to see their preferred GP some of the time or never.

This follows the news earlier this year, that January 2017 saw “worst-ever” national A&E waiting times.

Batley & Spen MP, Tracy Brabin said:

“I am absolutely clear that local GPs and NHS staff are working as hard as they possibly can, under immense pressure.

“Timely access to a GP appointment is crucial in relieving pressures on other NHS services including A&E. However, increases in demand and complexity, alongside Government’s lack of action to invest and tackle the recruitment crisis is clearly having an impact on patients in Kirklees and this is unacceptable.

“The responsibility for this crisis lays squarely at the door of the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

“I call on Jeremy Hunt to come to visit Batley & Spen, to see for himself the need for investment in our local Health Services, to support the great work of local NHS workers through investment in services, and to truly understand the importance of maintaining a fully functioning A&E at Dewsbury and District Hospital”.