Tracy Brabin Calls for Best Brexit Deal for Batley & Spen

Tracy Brabin MP has written to David Davis ahead of the commencement of formal Brexit negotiations, calling on him to secure the best Brexit deal for Batley & Spen.

The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union is expected to commence formal Brexit negotiations with the EU shortly, and Tracy Brabin is determined that the importance of a good deal for Batley & Spen be at the forefront of his mind.

Writing on the day that she was sworn into Parliament following her re-election, the local MP offers to provide advice to the Brexit Secretary on the best interests of Batley & Spen, and sets out in her letter that “the forthcoming negotiations will have a profound and lasting impact on our country for generations to come, and as such cross party involvement in the process is essential to ensure that the voices of all communities are heard”.

The Batley & Spen MP goes on to call for steps to be taken to alleviate intolerance, and for an early guarantee that EU citizens be guaranteed the right to remain in the UK, including the 2,723 EU citizens working in the NHS in the Yorkshire and Humber region. She also calls for protections for workers, jobs and businesses, for continued investments in the region post Brexit, and for co-operation with European police and security forces.

Formal Brexit negotiations are expected to begin on Monday 19th June.

MP for Batley and Spen, Tracy Brabin said:

Batley & Spen voted to leave the EU. I listened to my constituents and voted to trigger Article 50. Now it’s time to work cross party to ensure that the best Brexit deal for Batley & Spen can be achieved.

“It’s essential that early clarity is provided to businesses that they will be able to continue to trade tariff free with the EU, to workers that their rights will be protected and expanded, and to both EU nationals living in the UK, and UK nationals living in the EU that they will be able to remain and continue to contribute to the society and economies that they live in.

“I pledge to scrutinise Government closely throughout this process, always voicing the best interests of Batley & Spen”.