Tracy Brabin visits dip – Batley and Spen’s leading learning centre

Batley & Spen’s Labour and Co-operative candidate, Ms Tracy Brabin, took time out of her busy campaigning schedule to visit dip, Batley and Spen’s very own award winning training provider, last Thursday.

dip has been successfully supporting adult learners to upskill and retrain since 2001 and supports individuals from its learning centres in Batley and Huddersfield through its innovative supported online learning approach. Most programmes offered at dip are government funded, and, therefore, available free of charge to local employed and unemployed residents.

Ms Brabin was given a tour of the centre facilities and shown how dip helps learners reach their full potential through its individualised training programmes, with a specific emphasis on helping unemployed individuals gain sustainable employment.

Following this, Ms Brabin was welcomed by an enthusiastic group of learners for an engaging focus group wherein learners were able to discuss, first hand, their learning experience at dip and how their individual learning programmes are helping them to achieve their goals e.g. sustainable employment, improved self-confidence etc.

Ms Brabin took a keen interest in understanding the wider challenges which are affecting learners on dip’s programmes, in addition to their previous work and academic backgrounds and was particularly pleased to see the direct link between the training being offered and positive outcomes such as employment, further education etc. Ms Brabin also used her visit as an opportunity to encourage learners to improve their Digital Skills and stressed the importance of being IT literate in today’s economy.

Taking into consideration the well-being of Batley and Spen’s residents and dip’s learners Ms Brabin made learners aware of a variety of services which are available locally to help individuals who may be experiencing a variety of challenges – financial or otherwise, alongside discussing ways of eliminating the same/the need for such services altogether.

Moreover, Ms Brabin encouraged learners, regardless of their political beliefs, to get involved in the upcoming general election, and stressed the importance of encouraging people to not only vote but to also register to vote on time. Learners found their interactions with Ms Brabin to be inspiring, memorable and extremely positive and this left them feeling reinvigorated and ready to continue their learning programmes with a new zeal to achieving their long-term goals.

Furthermore, a wide ranging discussion was held with the team at dip, wherein Ms Brabin not only personally met each team member and discussed their individual roles/responsibilities, but was also given a detailed overview of dip’s training offer, which is available all year-round/on-demand and has been developed over the years taking into account local skills gaps and feedback from a variety of stakeholders to ensure it continues to meets the needs of local employers and individuals at all times.

In addition to delivering a variety of accredited qualifications in subjects ranging from Digital Skills/IT, English and Maths – dip made the local Labour candidate aware of the various sector specific pathways which are now also available to all learners at dip e.g. Hospitality etc. alongside the additional support which is available specifically for unemployed individuals. dip’s training offer to deliver the new Apprenticeship standards to local and regional businesses were also discussed during this visit.

Following Ms Brabin’s visit, Mohammad Naqi, dip’s Chief Executive commented;

Tracy’s visit to dip has been a great source of encouragement for dip’s learners and entire team. It was wonderful to see her deep commitment that every resident of Batley and Spen must have, across the board, access to high quality further education opportunities, this, coupled with, Labour’s latest manifesto commitments, has renewed the rigour with which dip will continue to shape and deliver programmes which will secure high levels of prosperity, jobs and quality of life for everyone throughout our area of operation.”

Tracy Brabin commented;

“It was a pleasure to visit dip and to be met with enthusiasm and a passion for learning from both the team and learners.

“dip provides award winning online training courses right here in Batley & Spen, so if you’d like to up-skill or learn something new, this is a great facility on your doorstep.

“It was fantastic to meet so many engaged and positive learners and staff. Keep up the good work!”