Tracy Brabin Vows to Vote to Protect Triple Lock on Pensions

Labour’s candidate for Batley and Spen, Tracy Brabin has vowed that if she is re-elected on June 8th she will vote to keep the Triple Lock on Pensions, which guarantees that the income of Batley and Spen’s pensioners will rise in line with the cost of everyday living.

17,700 pensioners in the Batley and Spen constituency will be hit if the triple-lock is ditched and Ms Brabin has warned of a “return to unforgivable pensioner poverty“.

Throughout the General Election campaign, the Prime Minister has repeatedly refused to rule out scrapping the triple lock altogether and indicated a future Conservative Government would revisit the way the State Pension is calculated.

But speaking on the day of Labour’s manifesto launch Tracy Brabin, Labour’s candidate for Batley and Spen said:

“Pensioners have worked hard and paid their way and the least they deserve is financial security in retirement.

“As I travel round Batley and Spen, my home community, I hear again and again from pensioners that they’re worried about the future of their pensions.

“The Triple-Lock guarantees that when the cost of everyday essentials go up, pensioners’ income goes up with it. The Tories could scrap that altogether and their plan could see a return to the unforgivable pensioner poverty we saw after Thatcher won her landslide victory.

“Pensioners in our community deserve an MP who will be by their side, fighting their corner; not someone who will wave through downgrades to our Hospital, cuts to our schools, and reductions to our pensions”.