Tracy Brabin Praises Local Carers During Visit to Birstall Carers Group

Tracy Brabin has spoken of her sincere admiration for local carers, whilst visiting the Birstall Carers Group.

The group of current and former carers which also welcomes cared for people, meets at the Birstall Methodist Church, and provides group support to its members.

The group meets once a month, on the first Friday of each month, from 10:00-11:30, and involves activities and listening to speakers. Tracy Brabin was the latest in a line of interesting speakers on a variety of topics, from Guide Dogs to Hedgehog rescue.

Tracy Brabin said:

It was an honour to visit the Birstall Carers group, to meet its members, to learn about the challenges facing them and the invaluable support that the group provides.

“Carers do an amazing job, and they reduce pressure on the NHS and Social Services. We should be incredibly grateful to them. However, we also need to ensure that we are caring about carers, reducing pressures, tackling loneliness, providing respite breaks, and ensuring that they are supported if they are unable to work. Birstall Carers group is a lifeline to carers in this respect.

“I’ve recently raised the issue of the fact that carers allowance ends when a state pension begins in Parliament, and I am keen to continue to stand up for carers going forward. I encourage any local carers with an issue that they would like to be raised at a national level to get in touch with me”.