Tracy Brabin welcomes pledge to increase number of police officers

Local candidate for Batley and Spen Tracy Brabin has welcomed the Labour Party pledge to increase the number of police officers in every parliamentary constituency and community in the country.

The commitment to hire 10,000 new police officers in England and Wales is welcome as Theresa May’s Tories have cut over 20,000 police officers since 2010.

An increase in the number of officers keeping communities safe will be especially reassuring to Batley & Spen residents as West Yorkshire has had over 1,200 police officers cut from our streets between 2010 and 2016.

Tracy Brabin has a track record of supporting the police service and officers. She recently organised a meeting thanking police officers for their role in ‘Operation Smokehouse’, an operation that successfully identified individuals who had targeted local people during a spate of violent home invasion robberies locally. Tracy also penned a parliamentary motion to praise police bravery, attended meetings concerning police safety and the very first parliamentary debate Tracy contributed to was regarding police safety.

Commenting Tracy Brabin said

“The safety and security of our community is of critical importance to me and many others in Batley & Spen. It’s shameful we’ve lost so many police officers from our streets since 2010.

“As the crime rate rises across the country, it’s only right we put more resources into safety.

“In Parliament and in Batley & Spen I’ve been an advocate for police and I’m glad that under Labour, we’ll deliver the extra police officers required.”