Statement from Tracy Brabin on the General Election Announcement

The Prime Minister has announced her intention to call a General Election to be held on the 8th of June.

Shortly there will be a vote in Parliament on whether or not to grant this election and I will most certainly be voting in favour.

Although it seems like only weeks ago that so many people gave so much of their time and passion in my by-election – and I’m still immensely grateful – I’m asking for your help again.

The simple fact is that for our community, the opportunity to boot the Tories out is absolutely vital.

Since 2010 the Conservative Party have done nothing but take from our community.

They have caused chaos in the NHS. We know that first hand as it has become harder to access a GP and services have been reduced at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

The Tories are slashing our schools budget, £9,500,000 by the year 2019/2020. Every single school in Batley and Spen will lose out if the Tories get their way and introduce the so-called ‘fair funding formula’.

They are taking millions from our local authority budget, and vital local services have been cut. Batley Job Centre is the latest in a line of services to be stripped from our community.

It’s for all of these reasons and more that I look forward this election, because it’s our opportunity to put forward our vision of a better Britain.

When we win this election the Labour Party will deliver a Brexit that works for the people of Britain, one where the interests of the many are put first, and one where workers’ rights are protected and strengthened.

We’ll properly fund the NHS, and create a Health and Social Care system fit for the 21st Century which will see the whole person. We created the NHS, we saved the NHS in 1997 and we’ll do it again in 2017. We will give a 17% raise to carers by reversing George Osborne’s inheritance tax cut.

Moreover, I’ll be standing for an education system that works for all our children, starting with every child receiving a free school meal. No child should go hungry in our country.

I look forward to campaigning in the coming weeks for a Labour Batley & Spen, and Labour Britain.