Tracy Brabin MP Speaks Out at Yorkshire March for the NHS

Tracy Brabin has spoken out against the Conservative Government’s stewardship of the NHS. The comments came as the MP for Batley and Spen addressed the Yorkshire march for the NHS.

The local MP spoke of her admiration for NHS staff, and hit out at Government for making the decision to limit their wage increases to just 1%, or to freeze them, for the seventh successive year despite rising living costs and increasing pressures.

Moreover, Ms Brabin raised the issue of the scandal that is NHS rationing. This follows the news that a report published by the Kings Fund found that NHS rationing is leaving some dying patients to suffer in pain.

On parity of esteem, Ms Brabin highlighted her concern that Government are failing to achieve parity between physical and mental health, referencing the £800m earmarked for mental health which has recently been diverted to balance NHS books.

Meanwhile, speaking of NHS workers who are EU Nationals, Ms Brabin stated that “they are welcome, they are colleagues, they are valued, and they are the heart of the NHS”.

The event, which was said to be the largest demonstration seen in Leeds since 2000, was organised by Leeds Keep our NHS Public, Yorkshire Region Network of Defend NHS campaign groups, and Trade Unions. Members of the Batley and Spen Labour Party, and local Trade Unionists attended the march.

You can watch Tracy Brabin’s speech in full on YouTube here.

Speaking at the Yorkshire March for the NHS, Batley and Spen MP, Tracy Brabin said:

We are the Labour movement, we stand together for workers and we stand for our National Health Service.

“Nye Bevan said the NHS will last as long as there are folk with the faith left to fight for it. Well, we have faith, we will continue the fight because we build the NHS, we invested in the NHS, and when we take Government again we will save the NHS”.