Tracy Brabin MP Calls for Action from DWP Ministers on Behalf of Constituent

Yesterday in the House of Commons, Batley and Spen MP, Tracy Brabin called on the Government to step in and offer support to one of her constituents after she was negatively affected by state pension changes.

Ms Brabin has been supporting many local women who have come to her for help after lives have been thrown into turmoil by the Government’s state pension changes.

Tracy Brabin MP has repeatedly called on the Government to bring forward proposals for transitional arrangements to help women adversely affected by the mishandled speeding up of the state pension age and supports Labour’s commitment to extending pension credit eligibility to the WASPI women, ensuring hundreds of thousands of WASPI women are eligible for up to £156 per week.

Due to acceleration of the equalisation of the state pension age, hundreds of thousands of women born in the 1950s (on or after 6th April 1951) have been hit particularly hard.

While Ms Brabin is not opposed to the equalisation of the state pension age, she doesn’t believe the speed the changes have been introduced, with many women receiving just 1 years notification of the changes, is fair.

Questioning DWP ministers in the House of Commons Tracy Brabin said, “A constituent of mine, whom I have spoken of before, lost her job on Christmas eve. She is denied universal credit because she is over 60 and she is denied jobseeker’s allowance because her husband has a small private pension. This couple’s lives have been thrown into financial turmoil. Does the Minister agree that it is time the Government paid some compensation to this constituent, as she has paid in all her life?” And received personal assurances from Minister of State Damian Hinds that he would look into the case, he stated, “I will have to look at the details of the case the hon. Lady mentioned, if she would like to get in contact.

Commenting after the question Tracy Brabin said, “The Government’s pernicious state benefit changes are now biting.  I’m contacted by many women who have worked their entire lives and planned for their retirement, now those lives have been thrown into financial turmoil. I’m always happy to take the concerns and problems of the people of Batley and Spen directly to Ministers and will certainly be following this one up.”