Local MP Calls on Prime Minister to Apologise to, and Support Pandemrix Affected Children

Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin has questioned the Prime Minister on behalf of her young constituent, Sam Forbes.

Sam was left with 14 severe or chronic neurological issues including narcolepsy and cataplexy after receiving the Pandemrix Vaccination for Swine Flu when he was 4 years old. Sam is now 11.

Families of victims like Sam have been locked in long legal disputes with Government, who underwrote the vaccine. Owing to the disease being a pandemic, it was not subject to the usual rigorous clinical trials.

The families affected are yet to receive an apology from Government for the damage caused, or payments to secure the long term care of those affected.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, local MP Tracy Brabin said;

“I have just come from a Westminster Hall debate on behalf of my 11 year old constituent Sam who developed narcolepsy as a result of receiving the Pandemrix Vaccine to protect him from Swine Flu.

“Sam’s mother Di now sits in the public gallery.

“In these rare but devastating cases the link between Pandemrix and narcolepsy has been proven and yet families like Di’s face long legal battles with Government.

“Will the Prime Minister Today promise that no more of these disabled children will be hounded through the courts, apologise to the families involved and oversee payments to support the children’s long term care needs?”

In response to Ms Brabin, Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated her on securing her earlier Westminster Hall debate. She briefly explained the Vaccine Damage Payment Act, and she suggested that Ms Brabin write to the Minister for Disabled People, Work and Health to raise Sam’s case.

Crucially, the Prime Minister did not promise that no more disabled children will be hounded through the courts, she did not apologise to the families involved, and she did not commit to oversee payments to support the children’s long term care needs. You can view the ‘PMQ’ on YouTube here.

The question came after a Westminster Hall debate secured by Ms Brabin, where she explained how pandemrix has affected her young constituent and his family.

Sam’s mother Di, said:

Life after the vaccine is totally changed, our son needs 24:7 care, including getting up several times during the night, he is in almost continuous pain, had severe headaches every day, he’s not able to go anywhere without careful planning, needs schedule naps, has several specialist meetings every month, so misses school. Sam is scared for his future, we are frightened for his safety”.”